In Missouri, consumers must follow guidelines for bankruptcy. These guidelines identify all requirements as well as limitations. They require claimants to provide detailed information about their debts and income for these purposes. The following are frequently asked questions about bankruptcy requirements and limitations identified by a bankruptcy attorney.

Can Claimants Add Child Support or Alimony to Their Bankruptcy Case?

No, the court will not excuse non-custodial parents from their child support payments. They won’t excuse a spouse from paying any overdue alimony either. They cannot add these payments to their bankruptcy claim and eliminate the debts through a discharged. They must catch up these payments with disposable income. These payments aren’t classified as court orders, and there aren’t any exemptions for them.

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Are Student Loans Ever Discharged Through Bankruptcy?

No, student loans aren’t discharged through bankruptcy in most cases. The only option for a discharge for any of these government-based loans is if the consumer proves a financial hardship. They would need to present the lender with details about their income to acquire the hardship. If the court approves the hardship, they could discharge these debts.


Can a Consumer Discharge Payments Connected to an Injury Settlement?

No, they are required to pay these debts entirely. However, under some circumstances, they can add the debt to the bankruptcy as long as they are up to date on the payments. They can add them to the bankruptcy to achieve more affordable payments.


When can Creditors Object to Bankruptcy?

The creditors can object to any addition if the debt was generated within the last ninety days. They can also deny them if fraud was identified when the debt was created. Any cash advantage that exceeds $900 and was acquired within the last seventy days is not eligible for any form of bankruptcy claim.


In Missouri, consumers cannot claim a debt that is related to a court order in bankruptcy. These debts aren’t eligible for a bankruptcy claim. They are required to pay these debts with disposable income. If they don’t settle the debts, they are faced with potential late charges and fees. Consumers who need a bankruptcy or personal injury lawyer contact this law firm now.

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